The Six Steps of Lotto Strategy

Lotto strategy is the activity of choosing the winning numbers in lottery. Different players will use different approaches to strategy. You can find different approaches on how to apply in making your next bet. Regardless what approach you will use, the outcome will always be the same, you will be successful if you are able to cover the entire card.

In order to cover the entire card, you need to win on your first try and then you can proceed to the second step. There are different techniques that you can use when you are trying to cover the entire card. You have the six common steps of lotto strategy. In this article, let’s focus on what you need to do before you bet using the common approaches.

Step 1: Identify the hot numbersThere are certain numbers that hit as much as 70% of the time. Those are the “hot” numbers. Choosing these numbers can significantly increase your chance of winning the lottery. How do you identify the hot numbers? Here are some methods:

Number 8 is the best as it is the very first number drawn. As such, when it does not have 38, 39 or 40, it goes without saying that the next number to be drawn will surely be 8.

The truly hot numbers are usually at the end. For example, in Florida’s Powerball lottery, the very last numbers are usually drawn. Studying the development of the numbers can help you choose which ones to bet on. If you notice that the numbers are just stopping, you know that the likely ones to be drawn are the ones that just won.

Step 2: Pick Threelor NumbersThis is the safest part as you can still win even if you do not get all the three lines. If you are serious, you can get all the three lines at once. Or, you can divide the entire prize pool into three parts and bet on each part.

For example, you can have Part A and Part B to get the first two lines and the last part can be divided to get the last two lines. Or, you can have both parts of the pool to get the first two lines and the last part.

Step 3: Getting the 1st Two Lines You can get the first two lines at the same time, or you can buy them separately. However, if you buy them separately, you will only get the prize of the first set.

Step 4: Getting the Second Set of NumbersThe numbers that you get most frequently is the second set. Most of the time, for example, six numbers are drawn twice a week in the Florida Lotto. That is why you should aim to get at least six numbers in the draw to win the second part of the prize.

So, if you are really determined to win the lottery, you should begin by using an effective lotto strategy that will definitely show you how to earn millions from the lottery.