Are Online Casinos Actually Worth the Speed Limit?

You have probably heard that online casinos offer a “speed limit” on their games. This is actually a marketing strategy, designed to bring online gambling to a wider, more competitive audience. Of course, many people disagree with the idea that online casinos are actually worth the “speed limit”, and instead tend to think that they are another form of gambling, perhaps a form of cheating.

It is true that online casinos have speed limits, although some people say that the actual time limit was only meant to be a suggestion, and not a hard and fast rule. However, this is not the case. The actual reason behind these speed limits is because there is simply no possible way to accurately time a game so that an online casino can ensure that it gives credit to every single creditable hand.

Think about it – if you had a watch that had a continuous spinning seconds display, the seconds would come around at a varying rate, not covering up the full rotation of the seconds. Online casinos do the same thing. The seconds are randomly generated as to how fast the game is, in much the same way as computer programs react to paint numbers on a chessboard.

In addition to this, the actual strength of the roulette wheel, and hence, how accurately a counter can predict the next number is highly debatable. Like I said, if there was a way to time the game, there would be no casinos because they would have gone broke a long time ago.

For this reason, those who believe that online casinos are rigged are the same people who believe that chess is rigged. They are blinded by their Opponent’s Hands, and fail to realize that they themselves may be Holding the Blackjack.

It does not matter what the skeptic says, there is no way that online casinos can be rigged. The cards are chosen at random, the dice are controlled by a small painful device, and the roulette wheel and ball, suffer from no upwards vertical or horizontal patterns or bias. All the games of chance are completely random, and as random as the player who rolls the dice, or the roulette ball.

If you know anything about computers, you know that computers can be programmed to simulate any random function by writing specific algorithms into the micro-chip. When you are using a computer, it is only natural to explore the possibilities of being able to predict the random function of anything that computers can offer.

Because the Internet uses computers, and the randomness of the Web in general, it is possible to predict the randomness of gambling sites by reverse engineering the algorithms. It is often said that if you want to crack one of them, you just have to take the code to it. In other words, if you know a little about computers, you can often take full control of them.

Some claim that some casinos introduce what is known as “variance”, which is a terrible blow to their casinos. The term variance is used to explain the fact that one casino machine will appear to payout slightly different from another machine. Although no one can prove this theory mathematically, many respectable casinos will never introduce any variance, and any reputable casino will be transparent about its payout percentages.

However, there are methods of protecting yourself against being detected by a clever counter. If you are playing online, try a casino that has sophisticated “types” of games. Owning a small number of online casinos is a good idea, so that you can easily switch to another one whenever you feel like a change. In addition, many casinos offer bonuses for successful play, and should you end up winning a lot, they often double or triples your initial bet.

This is a good way to make sure you never get addicted to any particular game, or constantly worry about losing your money. It is also a good way to make sure you feel like a winner, even when you lose. Whatever the means, you are sure to have fun in the process!